Survival courses

What if…….? Decisive Action and Survival courses

Three hours that could save your life. A mini adventure in a ‘hands on’ learning environment for those who may be contemplating expeditions, adventure races, backpacking and holidaying in a remote region or just as an interesting and different day out to develop self confidence.

This course is a hybrid that has both developed and evolved from elements of survival, bush craft, problem solving, confidence building and self-knowledge skills which are designed to give the individual a ‘toolbox’ of abilities for use in any emergency or crisis situation during day to day life whether that be outdoors, travelling ,at work, illness or a life-affecting crisis.

The basic principle will be to take the pupil from their ‘comfort zone’ into the unknown and by employing a series of experiential learning situations give them the opportunity to develop and make potential life saving decisions in a safe and well controlled environment. They will be guided through this process by an experienced instructor/s.

The basic course content can be adapted to fit the perceived needs of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds whilst retaining all the essential core elements. The course will have the ability to enhance and improve some, or all, the following qualities in an individual:

  • Dealing with an outdoor emergency or survival situation (immediate actions)
  • Understanding human survival needs and prioritising the next steps
  • Decision making capability
  • The Importance of First Aid
  • Survival Psychology
  • Protection from the elements
    • Environmental medical (the effects of being too hot or too cold)
    • Understand and take care of your clothing
    • Basic shelter building
    • Fire lighting and maintenance
  • Signalling for rescue
  • Sourcing water and making it safer to use
    • Water requirements
    • Water sources
    • Problems in wild water and medical aspects (dehydration, heat exhaustion, toxicity, pathology)
    • Water treatment

It is also the intention that pupils will come away from their chosen course with additional practical skills and knowledge to help them through difficult or unexpected situations that life may throw at them.

Why take one of our courses?

Life is never straight forward…things go wrong when you least expect them to…that’s why people take out insurance…so, what if….


You may need to bring some basic equipment with you but we will send you a list when you have booked your course. Most of it you will probably have but if not, all the items are inexpensive and easily obtainable.


You will be issued with a completion certificate as well as your personal survival tin.


We can design a course to encompass your corporate needs and include ‘team building’ exercises if required.


Expedition courses are organised in association with True Grip Off Road. Please ask for a cost when enquiring.


  • Basic (3hrs): £45.00
  • 1 Day: £95.00

Significant group discounts are available; please enquire.

What’s included

  • All food & drinks during the course.
  • A personal survival tin.
  • Comprehensive course notes.