Challenge Hub Training Tips

These training tips have been prepared by Mike Inkster based on his personal experience and are meant for guidance only and are by no means a definitive discourse on the subject. You are, however, welcome to contact Mike with any specific queries or questions regarding training and he’ll do his best to give you an informed answer.

Mike trained as a PTI in the Army and subsequently owned and operated his own health club for 10 years. Mike has completed more than 200 marathons, 10 or more triathlons, swum for 24 hours, completed 10001 sit ups in 10 hours, run 50 miles in 7hrs 28mins, 178 miles in 36hrs and 380 miles in 100hrs. Now that he’s getting older he’s slowing down and only has occasional bursts of insanity.

He’s done the Marathon des Sables twice (‘02 &’03) and took part in the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon in 2006 and the Gobi Challenge 2008.

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