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2015/2016 Challenges

Saturday 20th February 18.00 start (limit of 100 challengers)
Sunday 19th July 06.00 start (limit of 100 challengers)
Saturday/Sunday 16/17th May 13.00 start Sat 16th (limit of 50 challengers)

New Challenges

Provisional date for the Log Race is Sunday October 4th whilst the Old Boots Obstacle Challenge is planned for Sunday 20th September. These are new challenges designed to test the limits of physical and mental endurance but without the time commitment required of an ultra-marathon type event. The Log Race is for teams of 4/5/6 people and the Old Boots is for individuals but there will be a Team category should you wish to enter as a ‘group’. More details soon!

Bob Wild Logistics Support

Challenge Hub is pleased to be providing logistic support for Bob Wild’s attempt at the 250 mile Thames Ring Ultra at the end of June this year. He has 100 hours to complete the course and will be backed up all the way by the Challenge Hub vehicle and personnel who will cater for all (well almost all) his needs and will endeavour to keep him going during the adventure. Bob finished 11th in the Grand Union Canal Run (145 miles) in 2014 so this is the next step up.

New course!

New 6.62 mile course in sight of the famous Towers and the Roman Fort of Regulbium deemed a 'hit' by those who experienced it during the Moonlight Challenge. More demanding but more interesting, much improved start/finish area; decent parking and you get to see those very nice people at Jelly Baby Junction twice each lap. Overall and despite being harder, a big improvement on the old course.

Challenge DVD's

Robert Nash makes a DVD of all the Challenges. These DVDs are usually about 25 minutes in length and where possible, include everyone who takes part. They give a really good feel for the atmosphere of the day and make an excellent memento for both the Challenger, their family and friends. They are available to buy about a week after the challenge and we email everyone to let them know when they are available and how to order their copy. Click here to view an example.

Note from the Director

Mike Inkster, Director of Challenge Hub says, "The Challenges are not races. They have a simple purpose: to give individuals the opportunity to take on a challenge that tests both mental and physical fortitude in a safe, well organised environment. There are a lot of people who are looking to push themselves, to define themselves...these events do that."

Feedback (what people thought)

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the race last Sunday - very well organised, very friendly, excellent all round. I really felt that you and your helpers went the extra mile in terms of things like offering lifts from the station, quick responses to emails, detailed advice on accommodation, etc - all the sort of things that make it easier for competitors. Thanks!!!

Between you and me, I enjoyed the London Marathon, but the best running event I have ever done was the Moonlight Challenge. Something about the bleakness and getting through it changed the way I think about life in general.

WOW!! What an absolutely fantastic day. The organisation and support from you and your team was second to none. Race organisers all over should take note of how it should be done.

>>>The 2016 Moonlight Challenge will be on Saturday 20th February and entries can be accepted now.
>>>We are now taking entries for Log Race Challenge! Click here to enter.

The Challenges are not races. They have a simple purpose: to give individuals the opportunity to take on a challenge that tests both mental and physical fortitude in a safe, well organised environment.

Everyone who takes part in any one of our Challenges is a winner...no matter how far they get. Everyone who completes a Challenge gets the same medal regardless of the ‘position’ in which they finish.

We are committed to making everyone feel welcome and cared for, whilst remembering that the Challenges are tough and are probably going to cause most people a degree of pain and discomfort. However, we also believe that everyone who takes up a Challenge will know more about themselves when they finish than they did when they started. Whilst we do our best to offer every encouragement possible to help you achieve the objective ultimately it will be your mental and physical strengths that carry you through.

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